iGelComfort Car Seat Cushion With Back Rest

$81.99 $79.99

  • 【Retains Long Lasting Shape】Specially designed with Gel material to ensure our cushion retains long lasting shape without deformations.
  • 【Comfort and Support】Unique Gel Cooling Structure for Greater Comfort and Support,Advanced Elastic Fibers To Promote Automatic air Circulation
  • 【Breathable Elasticity】Novel breathable elastic material to ensure that you are not bothered by sweat on the back of your office and driving process.
  • 【Decrease Fatigue】Novel elastic material, special Lumbar support design, to ensure that your spine is free from fatigue.
  • 【Comfort and cool】The back and the seat can be separated design, anytime and anywhere to enjoy the comfort of gel.Increased air circulation to keep your bottom cool.
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