Sojoy is a local U.S. company based in Elmhurst, IL. We strive to provide our customers with reliable products and the best customer support. 

Sojoy is the sole manufacturer and distributor of Sojoy® and Warmtech® Car Seat Insert Heater, Heated Seat Cushion, Electric Blanket, Car Seat Cushion,Memory foam and gel seat cushion,Car Cover.

As a growing small business, we focus on affordable products that improve the driving lives of our customers. 



All products come with either a Lifetime or 1-Year Replacement Policy. Please refer to the packaging of your product for more information on your warranty. For ANY quality-related issues, we will send you a replacement for free! See our Policy Information below for more details. 

Please note that any Sojoy Policy is not valid unless the item is purchased directly from Sojoy.



For redeeming a replacement under our policy, please contact our Customer Support directly at us.sales1@sojoy.com for assistance. When contacting us, please provide us the following information: 

-Order Confirmation/Order ID 

-Product Name/Title (in cases of multiple orders) 

-Picture of the damage (if applicable)



Replacement under warranty can only be covered in the country of purchase. For orders we are unable to issue a replacement due to shipping restrictions, we will provide you with a refund on a case by case basis. 



Please contact us directly for all customer service needs. We’re here to help! 

  • mail:        ella@sojoy.com
  • phone:     17738476228