Why we need a gel seat cushion?

The Sojoy Gel Seat Cushion is ergonomically engineered to enhance comfort while seated. It slopes forward 5 degrees to return your pelvis to its proper posture, reducing lower back pain and maintaining proper lumbar curvature. A plush 2 inches thick in the main seating area toward the back, the Sojoy Cushion uses premium quality memory foam and gel to disperse pressure at the point of contact, while also using a center relieved groove to eliminate pressure on the the tailbone and soft tissues.

The Sojoy Gel Seat Cushion relieves fatigue and prolongs seating comfort. It is ideal for use in church pews, car seats, picnic benchs, stadium seating, concerts, sitting on the ground, camping, internet cafes, coffee houses, etc.

Perfect for those with Coccydynia (tailbone pain), or hemorrhoids, The Sojoy Gel Seat Cushion also provides relief for sufferers of low back pain, arthritic or degenerative hips, stiffness, leg numbness, poor leg circulation, sciatica, and varicose veins, and helps prevent pressure sores for diabetics or those confined to a chair or wheelchair.

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