Car Cover for Auto Full Size


  • 【Complete protection design】Protect the vehicle’s surface from dirt, dust, industrial pollutants, bird droppings and intense harmful ultraviolet rays from the sun. Effectively prevent damage to your vehicle to keep it in good, long-lasting condition.
  • 【Heavy】duty Multi-layer cotton fabric for all-weather protection and perfect for indoor and outdoor use. Extra thick layer for protection from Can prevent small hail damage to your car (withstands up to category H4 damage on TORRO scale).
  • 【UV Protection】Silver reflective surface effectively blocks UV radiation, protecting the car’s surface from heat radiation inside, delaying the aging of your interior and the dashboard. Also keeps your vehicle paint from fading.
  • 【Snug Secure design】Easy to put on and take off, snug buckle clips at the front and back to keep your car cover in place and to keep heavy wind from blowing it off. Measures 177″-215″ inches. Will easily fit all smaller vehicles such as sedans, hatchbacks.
  • 【Highly Flexible materials】Stretchable fabric will not scratch your car or easily tear, the seam does not cause car paint damage by friction.
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