Sojoy Car Glasses Case For Tesla Accessories Storage Box

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Specially designed for Tesla Model 3 Model Y etc.It adds extra layer of storage and easy to install and use.Perfect fit and stable storage box for Tesla.This storage box is made of high quality silicone material.It is well made and sturdy,not easy to deform.


It’s a nice addition to the console.You can put sunglasses,cell phone,coins,cards and other small items.It helps you to keep the car neat and tidy.


Perfect for holding sunglasses or reading glasses.The case is wide and doesn’t squeeze glasses and misshape them.Makes sunglasses easily accessible.Easy to change reading glasses to sunglasses even while driving.


The design with a lid will prevent the dust, making cleaning easier. Lid is also a plus convenience if you need to put something and hide.It prevents the contents from falling out and keeps the car organized.Easy to open with one hand while driving.


It fits nice and tight.The back of the storage box is designed with two stable Velcro, which will not fall off during driving and can be pasted on the flocking of the original car.This storage box glasses case can be attached anywhere there is flocking material.

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