Sojoy 3 in 1 Travel Blanket for Plane&Train Comfort-Warm Wearable Blanket-Portable Travel Pillow or Lumbar Support Cushion

$29.99 $24.99

  • 【Comfortable】Stay comfortable and warm on long journeys with Sojoy 3 in 1 travel blanket – perfect for use on flights, trains, and more!
  • 【Wearable】Our innovative wearable blanket design allows you to stay cozy and stylish no matter where you go.
  • 【3 in 1】More than a blanket or wearable shawl, You can use it as travel pillow for extra neck support on your journey, or turn it into a lumbar support pillow for lower back comfort.
  • 【Portable】Our portable and compact blanket makes it easy to travel light without sacrificing comfort – perfect for weekend getaways or long trips.
  • 【Convenient】Say goodbye to bulky travel gear and hello to comfort and convenience with our versatile 3 in 1 travel blanket.
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