Best Heated Car Blanket: Keep Yourself and Passengers Nice and Cozy

Sojoy Heated Car Blanket

If your car, truck, or RV heater isn’t powerful enough to keep you warm in cold winter, or your fellow passenger prefers a different cabin temperature on long road trips, a heated car blanket might be a great option. Sojoy heated car blankets come in a handful of sizes, types, and heating temperatures, all of which are powered by your car’s 12V outlet. There are a lot of options available to you, so where do you start?

Sojoy heated car blankets are large enough for back seats or passengers. We also have those made of fleece, as they’re extra cozy.

If you’re searching for a soft blanket that’ll cover multiple people on long road trips, the 12-Volt Heated Car Travel Blanket is just what you need. Sized just big enough to blanket two people with its warmth, it measures about 60 x 40 inches and is as comfortable to the touch as it is cozy with a little extra heat.

Made with plush fleece, Sojoy heated car blanket is designed to work while plugged in or as a typical heat-free blanket. It’s a great road trip companion thanks to its 12-volt plug, which works with any 12-volt outlet (though you will need an DC/AC adapter if you want to use it at home). And, its 6-foot power cord gives you plenty of room. Additionally, you can trust in its safety thanks to the built-in safety timer with automatic shut-off. 

Sojoy heated car blankets also have temperature options. You have the option to set a custom heating level. 


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