How to check your heated blanket

To test an electric blanket, lay it flat on top of the car and switch it on for five minutes. Visually inspect and feel the wires; make sure they’re operating correctly and are undamaged. Other tips to ensure you use the blanket safely are:

  • Turn the power off and remove the plug when the appliance is not in use.
  • Don’t leave electric blankets switched on all night.
  • Don’t switch the blanket on while it’s folded or when there’s something on it (such as books, clothing, a folded blanket, pillows or a pet). Any of these may lead to localised overheating.
  • Place the blanket flat on body with the switches on side, and secure it well.
  • Keep the electric cord and switch outside the blanket.
  • Be careful with pointed or sharp objects that could damage the heating element.
  • Some models can’t be used on futons, rubber or foam mattresses, a water bed or under a mattress protector. 
  • Don’t use an electric blanket for an infant, an immobile person or someone insensitive to heat.
  • Don’t use it together with a hot water bottle (which may leak) or when it’s wet.
  • Have your blanket checked by a qualified professional every three years. Manufacturers recommend you take it to one of their service agents – check their website.
  • Don’t wash an electric blanket unless the manufacturer specifically recommends it.
  • If you want to take your blanket off the bed in summer, fold it neatly but not tightly, or roll it around a cylinder, and store it in a dry place.

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