During the winter, one of the most uncomfortable few minutes of the day is sitting in your car in the morning waiting for it to warm up. Not only is it unkind to the earth to let your car idle, but in some states, you can be fined for doing it. A quick, affordable way to remedy this situation is to use a heated car blanket.

Besides being convenient on chilly mornings (and helping you avoid fines), a heated car blanket comes in handy when traveling or even camping. It can double as a regular blanket as well. If you find yourself in an emergency situation, a heated car blanket could save your life.

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If you clock long hours on the road, a heated car blanket can be draped over your shoulders to help ease muscle aches and combat fatigue.

Depending on the model and the outside temperature, a heated car blanket can stay warm for about 15 minutes or longer after it has been shut off.

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