127th Canton Fair scheduled online from June 15 to 24

Dear US reseller ,wholesales buyers, exhibitors and relevant parties involved:

        OEM factory Sojoy located in Zhejiang,China will attend the Online Canton fair from June 15th to 24th. It is a new method of purchase and contact between manufacture and clients.

         The Ministry of Commerce of PRC has decided that the 127th Canton Fair is to be held online from June 15 to 24. As Canton Fair’s organizer, China Foreign Trade Center, ensures that various preparations are well underway in line with the arrangements of the Ministry. We will improve our technological application and supporting services to enhance the online experience of all enterprises and traders. We strive to hold an especially wonderful “online Canton Fair” with special significance through special measures in this unprecedented time.

        The Canton Fair has operated uninterrupted for 63 years. As an all-round opening-up platform, it has made tremendous contributions to international trade cooperation. The success of Canton Fair has always relied on your participation and immense support.

        In this unprecedented time, we need your participation more than ever to successfully hold the coming session. Let’s join our hands and create more business opportunities!

       More information, we will launch news. Keep for attention!


                                                                                             Best regards!

                                                                                               Sojoy, China

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