Car Seat Covers Full Set

  • Ultra-breathable, Super-absorbent microfiber material designed to protect your car seat from sweat and dirt after your workouts. Insulates your body from burning hot seats in the summer and freezing cold seats in the winter for a comfortable driving experience in any weather.
  • The universal, form-fit design easily attaches to your seat with simple snap buttons and stays in place with the latest silicon-bead, no-slip technology, as seen on best-selling Yoga towels. IsoTowel stays on your seats like no other seat covers and will not stain them.
  • The IsoTowel absorbs your sweat while keeping you cool! The perfect seat protector for all sporting and fitness activities like: the Gym, Yoga, Running, Crossfit, Boxing, Surfing and more.
  • This unique product design is proudly backed by the Sojoy brand. The IsoTowel is bacteria-resistant and machine-washable and unlike other seat protectors, the IsoTowel won’t smell, heat up from the sun, peel, crack or leave residue on your leather seats.
  • Machine-washable to last for a long time. Wash in cold to warm water and hang to dry for best results.

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