Visin PPE Anti Reflective Glasses Frames Face Shield V3 Sole Distribution of Visin Styled Scratch Resistant Face Shield Costing with 97%Translueny

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Visn Styled Face Shield With Anti-Reflective &Scratch Resistant Costing With 97& Transluceny

The Enhance Performance Face Shield is coated with Anti-Reflection Coating on both sides. 97% light transmission performance with virtually zero reflection from either the outer or internal viewing sides in all lighting conditions. It also has a scratch resistance coating. The UK-made face shield is created from medical grade materials and is Certified to BS EN166:2002.

A standard shield face shield has 89% light transmission and, as a result, see some of your reflection from the viewing side of the face shield and glare and reflections from the external surface of the face shield.

VISIN AR PPE Face Shield with DiamoxAR1617 film comes with excellent Anti-Static and Abrasion Resistant Properties as well as being an Anti-Chemical Material, all of which contribute to an outstanding performance.

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