Indoor Car Cover Stretch Soft Inner Lining Breathable Fabric Dust-Proof Protection Full Car Cover for Underground Garage Automobile Expo Car Show Blac


  • 【UNIQUE ELASTICITY MATERIAL】 Sewn with high-elastic polyester cloth, the fabric has good elasticity. It can be completely restored though the elongation is about 20%-25%. The size of the car cover can be adjusted in elastic range. it suitable for cars with a length of 171 inch-215 inch
  • 【EFFECTIVE PROTECTION】It can effectively prevent sand, dust, paint surface fades, and anti-exposure. The elastic car cover is suitable for indoor places such as underground garages or auto shows. It can make your car bright and clean like the new one without cleaning the car for a long time.
  • 【SECURITY BINDING】Built-in high elastic elastic band. The elastic hem surrounds the bottom of the car cover to protect your car cover from being blown off.
  • 【THE BEST ANTI-WRINKLE MATERIAL】The anti-wrinkle car cover is cut and spliced with high elastic imitation spandex cloth., which can perfectly shows the lines of the car body, Wrinkle resistance is superior to other fibers, not easy to wrinkle, and good wrapping effect.
  • 【TIPS】This car cover is intended to protect your car from Dust, debris, tree sap, UV exposure and other environmental pollutants can scratch, fade and damage your finish, diminishing the value of your vehicle,It is not suitable for long-term use outdoors because it is not waterproof.

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