12V Cooling Fan Car Seat Cushion



  • SMART FUNCTIONAL DESIGN – The design of the Fan Seat Cushion allows it to circulate cool air through comfortable Microfiber mesh material. Instead of hot air filling your car and making it more humid, this seat cushion blows breezy, breathable layers of cold air between your body and the seat. The cool airflow from the cushion reduces body heat and alleviates perspiration, giving you a cool and more comfortable ride in hot weather.
  • NICE AND COOL – The Sojoy Cooling Fan Seat Cushion keeps your car nice and cool while protecting you from the intense summer heat and preventing your seat from fading and cracking in the hot, humid weather.
  • TEMPERATURE CONTROL DIAL – The temperature control dial allows you to alter the temperature and airflow to fit your exact preference. Turn the control dial for any range of temperature you need according to your personal preferences, the temperature in your vehicle, or the weather outside.
  • UNIVERSAL FIT FOR ALL VEHICLE TYPES- A universal fit for all vehicle types. The adjustable straps securely attaches the cushion in your car, pickups truck, SUV or even RVs. This Cooling Car Seat Cushion is a thoughtful gift for work commuters, road travelers, taxicab drivers or any car owner for relief from the sweltering summer heat.
  • SIMPLE TO USE – The Sojoy cooling fan seat cushion is easy to use. Easily plugs it into a 12V cigarette lighter adapter and the fan will blow cool, refreshing air on you and provide cooling comfort and relief simultaneously.


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