Memory Foam Wedge Seat Cushion 2pcs


  • 100 PERCENT MEMORY FOAM CUSHION – Memory foam is known for its durable nature, supportive structure, and comfort quality. Because of this, we use 100 percent memory foam in our coccyx seat cushion. It’s designed to conform to your natural curves and provide custom support throughout the day. And because it’s memory foam, it will always bounce back after long sitting sessions. This means you’ll always have the comfort you want and the energy you need to live your best life.
  • U-SHAPED DESIGN AND HEAT RESPONSIVE TECHNOLOGY – The u-shape removable cutout at the rear of our wedge seat cushion suspends your tailbone above hard seating surfaces. The memory foam’s heat-responsive technology uses your natural body heat to adjust the material’s firmness. Ensuring it provides optimal support for your legs, butt, and back. The wedge pillow pad also acts as a riser to improve your seating position.
  • MULTI-USE SEAT CUSHION – The size of our cushion (19.7″ x 17.7″ x 3″) makes it ideal for a multitude of chairs and seats. Our chair pillow works perfectly as an office chair seat cushion, car pillow, gaming chair cushion, or stadium seat pad. It’s a fantastic addition to your road trip essential checklist. We made our pad comfortable and sturdy, but light enough for you to take with you anywhere.
  • NON-SLIP BOTTOM AND CARRYING STRAP – The perfect tailbone cushion wouldn’t be complete without a non-slip rubber bottom. The rubber material features nubs that create traction between the cushion and the seating surface. It remains in position no matter how much you shift. To ensure you can take your comfort companion with you, we added a carrying strap on the cover—no need to fuss with how to best transport your new friend.
  • 2 PACK for more mate’s requirement– You and your mate will enjoy the wedge together. CAUTION: Non-slip rubber bottom may stain light colored leather/vinyl. Before use, wash cover in soap and cold water. Once the cover is dry, test for color fastness with a towel and hot water.
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