iHealthComfort Car Heated Seat Cushion with Intelligent Temperature Controller 12Volt, Edge Wrapping Seat Cushion Sleek Design Pad Gray BHO219R034

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  • Feel the heat in 3 min: iHealthComfort Heated seat cushion is outstanding in increasing the temperature quickly within 3 minutes, providing soothing warmth for your full back, hips and thighs. The highest temperature is able to be adjusted to 60℃
  • Easy-to-use temperature control-Our unique temperature controller makes you able to choose the temperature Hi/Off/Low
  • Timing power-off protection– If you forget turn off the switch, don’t worry, this protection provides you with timing 45 minutes to avoid battery drain!
  • Safe&Reliable-For you safety, the heated seat cushion is equipped with a protection thermostat that keeps the cushion from overheated. When the temperature reaches what you chose, it will automatically stop increasing and constantly keep the temperature you want. Once the temperature gets lowers, the heater will work automatically again to rise the heat up.
  • Long Edge Design for Car Seat– Front side of car seat cushion with wrapping design. It conduces to be a comprehensive protection for your seat and comfortable to use.
  • High-grade Leather material for Breathable features-Seat cushion will effectively control the temperature, adjust the humidity, be useful to relieve fatigue and expedite metabolism. Made of healthy material, sponge of high elasticity Interior, heat-insulated cloth, seat cushion for car keeps hip and back comfortable in long time use.

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