Gel Lumbar Support and Neck Pillow For Car iGelComfort Memory Foam Back Cushion Enhanced Multi-Use (Car/Truck/Office/Home/Outside) Sojoy Black

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  • Sojoy Patented Ergonomic Streamlining for Comfortable Driving helps blood circulation, relieves neck pain, numbness and reduces slouching; it can also reduce cervical vertebrae damage during an accident.
  • High Quality Thermo-sensitive Malleable Memory foam molds to your neck for maximum comfort & support while driving. Reacts only to body heat and conforms to the body so it will not flatten out over time.
  • Promotes healthy driving posture and neck alignment and helps ease neck pain from sitting in car seats with inadequate neck support.
  • Sojoy Therapy Level Easy Travel Yellow Memory Form is high density and physical therapy level memory foam more advanced than ordinary white color memory foam.
  • Comfortable Travel Ease Memory Foam Neck Cushion Kit is not hard or lumpy. Soft, Breathable and Machine-washable mesh cover allows for easy removal and washing.

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